Using Unique Throw Pillows As a Design Element

Sometimes you really want your home to show your personality. Using just the throw pillows that come with the couch doesn’t make it easy to do this. However, if you spend a little time searching you can find unique throw pillows that really make the room more your style. Even if you can’t find the pillows themselves, you might be able to find just the perfect fabric to make them since pillows are really simple to sew. Either way, you will get a look like nobody else has and your personality will really shine through.

If you are trying to design a kid’s room, there are a number of kids novelty pillows you can get. These unique throw pillows will help to make the room custom throw pillows fit the child’s likes and dislikes and make it a fun place for them to hang out. You can get pillows in the shapes of animals or vehicles, or even in the shapes of their favorite characters. For older kids and teens, you can let them pick out the patterns or pillows that they like. Sometimes kids like the large floor pillows you can get to sit on as well.

A few extra throw pillows on the couch in the living room can really add to the style as well. Add unique throw pillows to your armchairs and your couch. Choose something that has some of the same colors that you are already using in the room, or something that goes well with them to add a little pop of color and to make the room have a style all its own. These days some couches come with a couple throw pillows, so you will want to coordinate with these and just add a touch more luxury.

When you are working with small accessories such as unique throw pillows, many times you can even afford to add that designer touch and get something from the collections of famous designers like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Martha Stewart, or Tommy Bahama. Pairing these items with less expensive large items is a great way to get style without spending a lot of money.


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