One of the best ways to achieve improving your skin’s health and the elimination of acne is to provide your skin with the essential nutrients it requires to safeguard itself from damaging free radicals (which can be caused by normal metabolism, sunlight exposure and radiation, smoking cigarettes, poor sleep, and drinking). There are lots of “nutricosmetics” on the market currently that claim to contain antioxidants. You could apply these on your skin , and it will help nourish it and shield it from damage. This might be true but wouldn’t it make sense to bathe your entire body with antioxidants and not just your face?

The only way to do the natural thing is to eat greater amounts of whole foods that are loaded with antioxidants like fruits veggies, legumes nuts and seeds. In addition, they should be raw as to protect their antioxidants and enzymes. If they’re cooked enzymes will deactivate (at about 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and 95 percent of the folic acid and a number of other antioxidants will be destroyed.

In fact, the government has spent billions of dollars fruit and vegetable vitamins trying to discover a cure for heart disease, cancer diabetes, stroke and other chronic diseases . However, they found that disease is more preventable as opposed to treating. So, they suggest eating 7-13 portions of fresh, raw veggies and fruits each day. The average American only consumes three servings of fruits and vegetables a day, but. This means there’s a massive discrepancy between what that people need to eat for optimal health, and what they eat.

A lot of people take vitamin supplements in order to gain antioxidants to bridge this gap. But the research on isolated Vitamins that are fragmented and isolated is astounding and in nearly every instance, taking isolated vitamin supplements did not reduce the risk of developing heart disease stroke, cancer, stroke or diabetes. Moreover, in some cases the risk of developing these illnesses increased in those taking the vitamin supplements.

The key is to be as natural as you can – to just eat the whole fruits and vegetables, berries, beans, nuts and seeds in order to get natural antioxidants from mother nature. The issue is that most people don’t or won’t eat the recommended amount of 7-13 servings every day. So supplementing with a whole food fruit and vegetable supplement may be a good idea to boost the antioxidants in your body.

That’s exactly what I did and it’s one of the main things that helped me clear of acne and go off my acne medications years ago. If you’re not eating enough fruits and veggies on a regular basis make sure you do your research and choose a high quality fruit and vegetable supplement , preferably one that has some independent, clinical research behind it.

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