Exuma Bahamas Real Estate

The most popular and reliable resource for Exuma Bahamas Real Estate listings is Sotheby’s International Realty. With 11 luxury homes on the island and more than 400 in the Bahamas, Sotheby’s can help you find your dream home. The site’s extensive listings include everything from vacation homes to lake houses and ski chalets. Each listing contains detailed information, photos, and neighborhood information. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

The government has passed laws in 1994 making it easier for non-Bahamians to own real estate in the Bahamas. The government has also eliminated double stamp duty for foreigners, allowing more non-Bahamians to own property. With its tax-free economy exuma bahamas real estate and business-friendly laws, Exuma is the perfect place to purchase luxury real estate. You can purchase either undeveloped or developed properties. Some properties may require permits or certificates, depending on their value.

There are also numerous other great properties on the island. Many celebrities have made the Exuma Islands their home. They’re attracted to the relatively low cost of purchasing islands and the low Bahamian tax regime for non-locals. Famous faces like Faith Hill, David Copperfield, and Johnny Depp have all made Exuma their home. With China’s new relationship with the Bahamas, there’s even a chance that Chinese investors will buy your real estate here!

The Exuma Islands are an archipelago of 365 islands. The islands offer pristine white beaches, gin-clear waters, and luxury beachfront properties. Exuma is a prime location for investors looking for a more secluded location. You can even own an entire island! With the perfect mix of land, water, and beachfront property, Exuma is the perfect location to invest in real estate.

Janet McLaughlin, a licensed Realtor, has over 15 years experience in the Bahamas real estate market. She specializes in Great Exuma and the surrounding islands, and has been featured on HGTV several times. Though born in the Bahamas, she moved to Canada as a child and spent her formative years in Toronto. With a passion for real estate, she has made it her career. This is why she is one of the most trusted names in the Bahamas real estate industry.

The Exumas are a stunning island getaway located 35 miles south of Nassau, Bahamas. This archipelago of 365 islands is a paradise for those who love nature, water sports, and pristine beaches. The islands are home to some of the country’s most endangered species. So if you’re interested in buying a home in the Bahamas, now is the perfect time to start your search.

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