Key aspects for buying flats

The purchase of an apartment isn’t an easy task. It is therefore important to be aware of a few key aspects before you make a final decision. In this post, we’re going to take a look at 7 suggestions to aid you in making an informed choice, and avoid being fooled. Read on to find out more.

1. New property

The majority of newly built homes don’t have much demand. This is why builders make numerous attractive deals and other benefits to assistance of attracting buyers. Therefore, you’ll be able to take advantage of many possibilities to negotiate prices.

Actually, builders are always looking for ways to sustain their sales. The benefits that you will enjoy are free parking for cars, a modular kitchens, reduced prices and so on.

It is better to choose ATLASSIA   an apartment that has plenty of facilities. Even if you need to be a little bit more expensive for such property, it is worth the extra money. You might want to consider this point.

2. Location

The area of the property is an important consideration prior to committing to an offer. Based on the area the cost could differ significantly. After all, you get what you pay for.

What you need to do is to get the most from your current economic situation and opt for an apartment that best meets your requirements. If it’s near the city’s center, that will be great since you don’t need to travel for long distances  A nostalgic character in the heart of the Rich, old world charm of Heritage Joo Chiat estate.


▪️Brief Summary

• District 15

• Excellent Connectivity – within 15 mins leisure stroll to almost everything you need

• 1min walk to bus stop > 5 bus stops to Dakota MRT

• Short drive to East Coast Park, Marina Bay, etc.


▪️Project Brief Info.

• Mixed Development

• 5-Storey

• 31 Residential Units (1BR to 5BR)

• 6 Shops (732-1022 Sqft)

• 2 Restaurants (1054-1474sqft)

3. Offers and Deals

It’s not a good idea to go for free offers and not take your time. The main thing to take into consideration is to figure out what the value of the offer is to you. There shouldn’t be any unintentional costs or future liabilities.

4. Completion Status

Although flats that have been partially finished are available at low rates but we do not recommend you buy them. Be aware that unfinished flats will cost you a lot of money because you’ll need to complete a lot of work done. Be sure to look for projects that have been completed.

5. Purpose

Based on your purpose depending on your needs, you need to select the best flat. For instance, if your home is for an entire family of 4 or 5 children and you require a larger flat to meet your housing needs. On the other hand should you need a property to rent out, you must to keep track of the trends in the market. Thus, taking into consideration the purpose of this purchase is crucial.

6. Licenses and Approval

Make sure you check the documents to make sure that the authorities in charge have granted approval for the construction. Additionally you must be acquainted with the reputation of the builder.

7. Cost

Finally, figure out the total cost by adding up all fees for development, stationary costs, and service taxes, just to name just a few. The majority of builders and brokers aren’t able to discuss other costs except the price of the property. Therefore, it’s crucial to calculate the final cost before making the final decision.

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